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As soon as you have any reason to suspect a problem with your air conditioning system, you should contact a skilled, trained professional. That is simple to do, provided that you have our number at hand. Let us know if you have any concerns at all about the condition of your air conditioner, and one of our fine technicians will get right to the root of the problem. No matter what has gone wrong with your cooling system, you can count on us to resolve the issue entirely. You deserve to make it through the long, hot summer months in total comfort. We’ll see to it that you achieve that goal.

The AC experts at Advanced Home Services provide professional air conditioning repair in Idaho Falls, ID, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 208-745-9406 to make an appointment.

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The Top Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair

One of the best things that you can do to protect your comfort and the condition of your air conditioner is to familiarize yourself with some of the warning signs that air conditioning repair is necessary. Early detection really is in your best interest, as problems will only worsen the longer you wait for repairs.

Here are a few indicators to keep an eye out for:

  • A spike in your energy costs may mean that some component in your air conditioner is malfunctioning or damaged. Your cooling costs should stay fairly regular, so unexplained spikes should be taken seriously.
  • Pay attention to the development of any hot spots throughout your house, as this could indicate a problem with your duct system or filters.
  • Listen for odd noises coming from your system, such as squeaking, rattling, banging, grinding, or clanging noises.
  • Pooling water or excessive moisture on your unit can be a sign of a coolant leak or a blocked or broken drain tube.
  • Strange odors coming from your system can arise from a lack of maintenance, causing bacteria to develop and accumulate on your air conditioner coil.

Benefits of Scheduling Professional Central Air Conditioning Repair

A central air conditioning system is far too complex to attempt to repair yours on your own. You do not have access to the tools and training that our technicians do, let alone their experience. You risk doing serious damage to your central air conditioning system if you attempt to repair it yourself. Make the right call and allow a qualified professional to complete your central AC repair in Idaho Falls.

Count on Advanced Home Services for Your AC Repairs in Idaho Falls

When you need any HVAC repair, call Advanced Home Services. We have the training and skills necessary to expertly and accurately diagnose the cause of the problem with your air conditioning system. Once we do that, we can go about repairing your system in the most effective manner possible. We are always available to help you beat the heat during the arduous summer months. Don’t put up with an inconsistent performance from your air conditioning system. Instead, let the pros on the Advanced Home Services team complete your HVAC repair. Whether you have central AC or a ductless system, you won’t regret it when you are cool and comfortable on even the hottest days that the summer can send our way.

Advanced Home Services delivers reliable air conditioning repairs in Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Pocatello, Rigby, and beyond. Call 208-745-9406 or contact our AC specialists online today to schedule a service!

AC Repair FAQs

How do I know whether I need AC repairs or replacements?

If your air conditioner isn’t too old and the repairs aren’t too serious, you typically don’t need a replacement. Unless you really want benefits only a new AC can offer, your old AC doesn’t meet your needs, etc., you’ll come out ahead with repairs and maintenance. However, if your AC is nearing the end of its service life, you may want to talk to our team about a replacement unit.  

How can I keep my AC repair costs down?

Controlling repair costs means avoiding needing major repairs in the first place. To achieve this, we recommend taking prompt action any time you notice a problem with your air conditioner, so the problem doesn’t have time to get bigger. Keeping up with your AC maintenance will also help you identify problems and minimize risks of unexpected part failure.

What sort of AC maintenance should I be doing?

There are two types of maintenance to think about — the monthly tasks you can keep up with at home and the professional maintenance you should have performed annually, at minimum. For the former, you want to try to keep your unit free of dust and debris, clean out your filter or replace it regularly, and watch out for obvious problems. For professional maintenance, an HVAC technician should come to inspect and tune-up your AC once a year — this will also control costs and extend the unit’s service life.

My air conditioner runs all day when it’s hot. Is that bad?

As long as it’s keeping your home comfortable, an air conditioner that runs all day is usually a good thing; an AC that turns on and off uses up a lot more power than one that runs steadily. Of course, if your AC runs constantly and doesn’t keep your home comfortable or makes your home too cold because of a thermostat problem, or your bills seem bizarrely high, you might have a problem.

Why are my bills still high after AC repairs?

While a problem with your air conditioner or ducts can be the cause of high summer bills, it’s not the only potential source of issues. You might have poor insulation in your walls, poor seals or insulating properties around doorways or windows, etc.

Can I repair my air conditioner on my own?

There are a few things you might be able to do, like swap out a clogged filter, clean out duct obstructions, duct tape closed an obvious leak, but for the most part, you need professional help to solve air conditioner issues and determine why they popped up in the first place.

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Noah was fantastic!!! He was very knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. He kept us in the loop with diagnosing problems and the charges that would come along with it. He was incredible giving us options to best help us in our circumstances. We would highly recommend!


Amazing service! Everyone I worked with was knowledgeable and professional. Advanced home service always has our best interest in mind. We will continue to use their services for all of our home needs. Thank you all from the diagnosis team, salesman and installation crew. You guys are the best!


I have never encounter someone like Shawn H. He was here for hours at a very low price. Not only was he thorough he was so kind and very considerate. He did an amazing job keeping me informed and I would hire him again if needed... Shawn you are wonderfully amazing. Thank you so much for your time!


Called Advanced Home Services to schedule a routine furnace cleaning. Stewart did a great job and even tagged all our gas and water line so we would know which lines to shut off in case of an emergency. He was very friendly and helpful. I will be calling these guys for any future plumbing and heating issues that may pop up.


When Robert C came for a routine check found a leak under my kitchen sink. He discovered the main source of the problem and had the time to fix it right away before it became worse. He did a fantastic job and went above and beyond what was required. He was very friendly and so helpful and did a fantastic job.

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