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The heat can really get to you in the summertime, but turning down the temperature on the thermostat even lower is not always an option. You already pay quite a bit in cooling costs in the summer, which is why you might decide to wait it out and suffer through another not–so–comfortable summer. But there is an installation that may help without raising your energy bills: an attic fan.

An attic fan can help to lower the temperature in the attic and, therefore, the temperature throughout the entire home. However, this can only be done if it is installed just right. Call our experts to make sure that the vents and the fan are in place. Or let us handle any repair or maintenance needs. Advanced Home Services provides complete home services in the Idaho Falls area. Give us a call!

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How an Attic Exhaust Fan Helps You

You may wonder what the benefit is to installing a fan in your attic—a part of your home you don’t ever visit. But the fan is not intended to cool down your body, like a ceiling fan does. Instead, it’s meant to move warm air that lingers in the attic to the outdoors.

You have heard before that heat rises. That’s why your attic tends to be the hottest room in your home. Temperatures can reach around 120°F in the attic, and this layer of heat will continue to build until it affects the temperature in the rest of the home. The air conditioner might have to run for longer, which raises your bills, and you may not be able to get comfortable.

An attic exhaust fan helps to vent this layer of warm air to the outside. Your technician will install vents in the attic along with a fan that is hardwired into an electrical circuit. The air circulation cools down the attic, which in turn can help cool down the rest of the house faster. In most cases, a thermostat controls the attic fan, but it may be operated by a switch instead.

Attic Fan Installation & Service in Idaho Falls

An attic vent fan absolutely must be installed properly in order for it to function the way it was designed. Improper installation sometimes can mean that the conditioned air moving through your home gets sucked into your attic, and this loss of cool air will lead to even more discomfort and higher bills. A good technician will make sure that the attic is well sealed before installing the fan, and the technician should also make sure that the fan is properly grounded to prevent safety issues caused by lightning.

Trust your Idaho Falls, ID air conditioning and heating experts to install your attic fan correctly, allowing for proper ventilation and grounding. We also offer repair, replacement, and maintenance services.

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