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Typically, a whole–home heating and cooling system is mostly hidden away from the living areas of your home. An extensive duct system brings the air from your central heater or air conditioner to the various rooms, and all you can see from your couch is a vent and a thermostat. But some homes in Idaho Falls just aren’t built to accommodate this type of system.

Renovating your home to include ductwork can be costly, and many portable comfort options are loud, clunky, inefficient, and ineffective. For many homes, a better solution is a ductless mini split system, which has an outdoor unit (like a conventional AC) and an indoor blower mounted high up on the wall. It’s a more efficient option than most for homes without ducts, so call Advanced Home Services today to learn more!

Advanced Home Services provides ductless mini split systems in Idaho Falls, ID and the nearby cities. Call us today at (208) 269-9556 to learn more!

Ductless Mini Splits Heat & Cool

Ductless air conditioners and heating systems have a lot of appeal, due in part to the fact that a ductless mini split is a heat pump. A heat pump moves heat out of a home, just like a conventional AC, using refrigerant to absorb heat and release it outdoors. But it also warms the air in the winter by moving heat into the home, essentially reversing the flow of refrigerant.

A refrigerant line joins the outdoor unit with up to four indoor blowers, which are high up on the wall and blow the air directly into the room. This system may have some limitations in very low temperatures, but a technician can help to keep this from becoming a big issue. Ask our friendly technicians if ductless split system installation is right for you, or schedule an appointment for installation or replacement today!

Don’t Forget to Schedule Ductless AC & Heating Maintenance

Like any other home comfort system, there may come a day when you need to call a technician for ductless air conditioner repair. While our technicians are happy to come out as soon as possible to check out the issue and help you find a solution, we are also committed to preventing issues from occurring in the first place. Annual ductless heating and cooling maintenance can reduce the chances that your system will break down when you really need it. Ductless system maintenance could also help to lower your bills and make your home more comfortable.

Call Us Today for Ductless Split System Services in Idaho Falls

A ductless air conditioner/heater combination is an excellent and efficient system for anyone without a sound set of ducts in the home. Call our technicians to learn more about your options. We offer complete installation and replacement services, and we’re always here to offer helpful advice to homeowners in the Idaho Falls area. Our expert technicians can provide whatever service you may need for your system, from routine maintenance visits to a major repair. Contact our friendly team, and you’ll never need another home service company again. The ductless specialists at Advanced Home Services are here to help!

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