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When Should I Call for Emergency Plumbing?

Sometimes, trying to decide whether or not to call the plumber is like asking directions when you are lost: is it really time to do so? If you have a hard time deciding when to call for plumbing help in Rigby, here are some helpful tips from our Advanced Home Services plumbing experts:

No Heat

If you have a boiler and you have no heat, not only will your home be uncomfortable from chilly temperatures, it can also put your piping at risk for freezing. While it may be tempting to try and figure out the issue on your own, especially if you have some working knowledge about boiler systems, this is not advisable. Why? There are multiple reasons for a boiler not working, and working with any system that uses combustion requires expert knowledge for repair – not just working knowledge. If you have found yourself with no heat, call your plumber right away.

Sewer/Septic Problems

Sewer or septic issues are serious problems. Typical signs of a sewer or septic problem include multiple clogged drains or toilets at the same time, constant clogging problems and an ever-present foul odor. Finding where a septic or sewer problem is challenging as the problems can be deep inside your system, and repairing these kinds of problems takes a lot of work and expertise. If you choose to operate one of the specialized plumbing tools, you could break the piping, leading to a much bigger issue. The bottom line: always a hire a professional for a sewer or septic problem.

Burst Piping/Big Leaks

We all know that horrible feeling when we hear running water from someplace we shouldn’t: the sprung leak. The best thing you can do as the homeowner when you have a burst pipe is to shut off the water and call for help immediately. Pipes don’t spring leaks or burst spontaneously; some other problem has caused the pipe to leak or burst. It’s important to hire a professional so that he/she can find the reason for the burst or leaking pipe, and repair the pipe properly.

Having plumbing problems repaired as soon as possible is good for you, your home and your plumbing system in Rigby. If you are experiencing plumbing problems, call Advanced Home Services today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.