3 Advantages of Boiler Installation

Boilers have been around a long time and for good reason: they are durable, reliable systems. Some may think that a boiler system isn’t as up-to-date as some other systems, but this simply isn’t true. Today’s boilers are energy efficient and offer homeowners some benefits that other systems do not. We’ll outline some of these benefits below, but if you are ready for a new heating installation in Idaho Falls, call the trained and certified technicians who can do the job correctly and efficiently: Advanced Home Services.

How Do Boilers Work?

Most boilers today use hot water to heat your home, but there are some that still use steam. In either case, the water used is held in a vessel. When a new heating cycle starts, the fuel for your boiler is ignited in the combustion chamber; the most common fuels used are natural gas and oil, but some boilers can also use solid fuels. The heat and gases from the combustion heat the water in your system anywhere from 160 to 180 degrees. With steam boilers, a small dome captures the steam and releases it when the correct temperature is achieved; a hot water system requires help to move the water, so once the right temperature is achieved, circulator pumps push the water through the piping. Heating outlets can be radiators, baseboard heating or hydronic floor heating. When the water cools, it returns to the vessel for the next heating cycle.

Advantages of Boiler Systems

Here are some of the advantages boiler systems have over other heating systems:

  • Good for allergy sufferers – forced air systems blow heat into your living spaces, which inevitably swirls dust and other potential contaminants around your home; this is not the case with a boiler system.
  • Easily zoned – the piping system that distributes the hot water or steam can be easily separated into zones, helping you to customize your home’s heating.
  • Comfortable heating – the heat from a boiler system is gradual and even, so it can feel more comfortable to some homeowners as compared to a forced air system.

Boiler systems can be great for many homes. To determine if a boiler is the right heating installation for your home in Idaho Falls, call Advanced Home Services today and schedule an appointment with one of our trained experts.