Which Kind of Furnace Will Work Best for My Home?

Furnaces are the most common kind of whole-house heating system in the U.S. and have been for many years. However, furnaces do not come in a one-size-fits-all model: there are numerous different types of systems that use a variety of fuel sources. They share in common that they heat air and then distribute it through a home via a blower fan and ductwork. Almost everything else varies from model to model.

This raises a key question: “When shopping for a new furnace installation for my home, which one is the best?” We can’t answer this question in a general blog post, because every home and family has different heating needs and available energy sources. We can help you sort out some of your options and think about what type might do the ideal job for your home. However, to ensure that you end up with the correct furnace to suit all your requirements, call the professionals at Advanced Home Services. We have helped many families with the installation of furnaces in Pocatello, ID, starting with the selection of the right units.

Natural Gas Furnace

This is the most popular kind of residential furnace, and the one that we recommend if you have a natural gas line already connected to your home. These furnaces have among the most powerful heating levels of any heater on the market and can overcome extreme cold weather even in poorly insulated homes. They are also cost-effective because natural gas is a less expensive fuel source than electricity.

Electric Furnace

Since all homes have electricity, an electric furnace is always an option. Although more expensive to run than a natural gas furnace, an electric furnace can still provide high levels of warmth, and have the advantage of costing less to install and having long service lives. They are also good options if you do not want to use natural gas in your home.

Propane Furnace

If you don’t have a natural gas line, but would prefer to have a less costly system than an electric furnace, a furnace that runs off stored propane is a good choice. The new propane furnaces are much more fuel-efficient than the older ones and can generate excellent heat levels.

Advanced Home Services offers high quality installation services for furnaces in Pocatello, ID: we install natural gas, electric, and propane furnaces. In addition to our skilled installation jobs, we also offer 2-year parts and labor warranties on the majority of our services, and our upfront pricing will assure that you know in advance what you will pay before we begin the work. Give us a call today to schedule your furnace installation.