How Hydro Jetting Helps Your Drains

For most homeowners, it’s not a matter of whether they will encounter a drain clog at some point in their homeownership: it’s when. Drain clogs are a near inevitability in plumbing systems, and most people have already dealt with one at some point in time. In many cases, you can dislodge the blockage with a simple home plunger (and perhaps a little bit of strength and skill). But this is only really possible for drain clogs close to the opening of the drain.

For all other clogs, the best thing to do is call a professional who uses hydro jetting technology to eliminate clogs for good. In the past, you may have employed the help of those so-called drain cleaners sold in stores, liquid products which contain very toxic chemicals, harmful to the skin and eyes. Most are only effective on a small number of common blockages and can only reach those near the drain opening anyway, and push other clogs further down. Furthermore, these may damage your drainpipe permanently.

Hydro jetting is a lot like it sounds. Water jets out of a hose under very high pressure. This hose is very thin and flexible, and the nozzle at the end shoots out water at all 360 degrees, so it reaches every portion of inside of the drainpipe. This means that anything stuck to the lining of the pipe is blasted away almost instantly, and most homeowners can expect to see no more drain clogs in the coming year, if they use their garbage disposals and drainage systems responsibly.

Hydro jetting works best when combined with drain snakes, drain augers, and other clog removal equipment. This way, your technician can narrow down the exact location of the blockage and dislodge it before jetting any additional debris into the sewer.

Hydro jetting prevents drain clogs from recurring, ridding your pipes of any blockage for a long time to come. For preventive drain cleaning or clog removal in Idaho Falls, ID, call Advanced Home Services today.