It’s Time to Schedule a Fall Furnace Tune-Up!

Your air conditioner may still be your primary home comfort system in use right now. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore your heater. Now that September is here, it’s the perfect time to schedule a tune-up of your heating system so that you can ensure your comfort in the months ahead. We’ve detailed a few reasons why we recommend maintenance to all of our customers in this guide.

Why Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up?

Schedule a fall furnace tune-up before the cooler weather hits if you want to ensure peak efficiency and performance. Read more below!

  • Better Efficiency – Saving money on monthly energy bills is important to many homeowners. With a fall furnace tune-up, your system is able to run smoothly, since parts are cleaned and adjusted as needed. This helps to improve the performance of the system, and it lowers your bills since the unit requires less energy to run.
  • Fewer Repairs – A system that is properly tuned by a professional will require fewer repairs throughout the winter season.
  • Longer Lifespan – With regular adjustments and inspections of the most important components of your furnace, such as the burner and heat exchanger, your system may last years longer than it would have with regular wear and tear.
  • Peace of Mind – Many heating systems have gas components that could become unsafe without regular maintenance. A fall furnace tune-up gives you peace of mind that your heating system is not only performing properly but also safe to run.

Remember, winter starts early in our part of the country, soschedule an appointment with a heating professional today. Advanced Home Services is the standard when it comes to providing great service. Employees are thoroughly trained on all types of heating systems as well as customer service skills. Call to make an appointment in the Pocatello area, and ask about our Service Partner Plans.