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What to Check before Calling a Professional for Heating Repair

Sometimes, we get calls from residents looking for someone to fix an urgent heating system issue ASAP, even when the problem was actually a simple DIY fix! Most heating system repairs require the expertise of someone with years of experience, training, and licensing. Other times, all you have to do is flip a switch or clean a filter to get your unit back to normal. Here’s what you may want to check on before calling in an expert technician.

  • Circuit Breaker: Heating system won’t start up at all? It’s possible that you just need to reset the breaker in your electrical panel. Of course, if this happens frequently or right after startup, you should have someone check out the issue.
  • Thermostat: We know you’ve already checked the thermostat once or twice, but it might be worth it to look again. It may be that you or a family member has accidentally changed a setting, switching it into cooling mode, leaving it in “fan only” mode, or changing the temperature to a much lower setting. If you have a lot of trouble setting your thermostat to the proper temperature, you might consider an upgrade.
  • Filter: An air filter that is clogged stops air from flowing through your system and into your home with ease. This could be the reason a furnace or heat pump struggles to keep you warm, so you might try changing it or cleaning it and seeing if this helps bring up the temperature.
  • Ignition System Issues: You can take a look at your ignition system to see if it’s at fault, but we do not recommend making any repairs if you notice a problem. Keep in mind that today’s furnaces don’t have a standing pilot, so if your furnace was installed in the last couple of decades, there will only be a flame if the furnace is running. The flame should be blue, with only a little yellow at the end. If it is too yellow, orange, red, or green, you should shut off the system and call a technician immediately.

Quality heating repair in Rexburg, ID means finding technicians you can trust who have been in the industry for many years. Call Advanced Home Services today! We are always training and updating our employees so we can set the highest standards. Ask about our $84 Furnace Heating Tune-Up Special!