What Does a Furnace Tune-Up Entail?

Just as you bring your car in to the mechanic for a tune-up every now and then to protect your investment, you can protect your heating equipment with a yearly tune-up as well. Many people are unaware that most heating and air conditioning contractors offer maintenance, while other homeowners are skeptical of just how vital this service is. But a furnace tune-up can actually keep your unit running more efficiently, increase the lifespan of your system, and ensure your continued safety.

We’ll go through the steps of maintenance for you in this guide so that you can see just how important this service is. When you need to speak with experts on furnaces in Blackfoot, ID, call Advanced Home Services.

Cleaning and Adjustment

During a tune-up, a technician will clean up some of the components that could hamper efficiency or proper operation if dirty. This includes parts like the flame sensor (or thermocouple in older furnaces). This part is meant to detect when there is no longer a flame so that it can send out a signal to shut off the gas. If this part is blocked by dust, it may continually shut off the furnace so that it is no longer running efficiently. The burners must also be cleaned for safety and efficiency purposes.

A technician will also adjust some crucial components to make sure these are working exactly as they should as well. This may mean tightening some connections, screwing in some loose panels, or adjusting bent blower fans and safety switches.


Not all repairs can be done on the spot, and you’ll likely have to schedule a separate appointment for any larger repairs that are necessary. But a technician will perform a full inspection so that you can stay informed about any problems ahead of time to prevent any sudden breakdowns or safety hazards from occurring. The technician will make sure the venting system is in good condition and that there are no potential leaks in the heat exchanger which could lead to a carbon monoxide leak. They’ll also look for any mechanical issues as well.

Call Advanced Home Services for a thorough inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of the most important parts of your furnace. Our experts have experience with all types, sizes, and setups of furnaces in the Blackfoot, ID area.