Why You Need Professional Leak Detection Services

There may have been times in the past when you’ve noticed a leak from a faucet or underneath the sink. But any homeowner who has ever needed extensive renovations thanks to a leak behind a wall or underneath the home knows that leaks are not always so evident. There are some signs you should pay attention to that may indicate a leak—such as a drop in water pressure or wet spots on the walls—but discovering a leak at this point often means that you’re too late, and the leak has already begun to cause some serious damage. Professional leak detection service allows you to know about leaks before they occur, or to determine the exact location when you’re unsure.

When you call Advanced Home Services for water leak detection, we’ll examine your pipes thoroughly to look for any problems that may have occurred with your plumbing in Pocatello, ID.

Leaks Can Do More Damage than You May Know

Even very small leak can develop into something problematic. Pipes can burst, leading to thousands of dollars worth of pipe repair, construction, and mold remediation. When a pipe bursts behind the shower, for example, you’ll need someone to pull out the tiling and drywall. You may need to replace floors, walls, the tub, the piping, and even the support beams. If water has leaked through from a second floor shower to the bottom floor, you may need to replace some of the foundation as well.

Professionals Have the Right Tools to Spot a Leak at Any Point

You may think that most leaks will show themselves eventually and that you are relatively attuned to changes in your plumbing system. But tiny leaks often won’t make themselves known until they have done some damage, unless you have the right equipment, that is. Plumbers may use any of several tools to find the exact location of leaks, including hi-tech listening equipment or, in some cases, video cameras. These tools are necessary so that a plumber can decide on the next course of action.

If you call Advanced Home Services, we’ll use top-of-the-line equipment so that you can get peace of mind about your plumbing in Pocatello. Call us today!