Busting a Common AC Myth: Closing the Air Vents

Let’s say that nobody is occupying an upstairs bedroom in your home. You want to save money on your energy bills wherever possible this year, so you close the air vent leading to that room so that your air conditioner will not have to work so hard. However, this idea is simply not accurate.

Closing the Air Vents Can Damage Your System

While it may seem logical to say that your air conditioner would use less energy if one room were off limits, it’s simply not true in most cases. Your air conditioning system has one job: to meet the temperature setting on your thermostat. It’s going to continue to cycle refrigerant and blow air into the home until this temperature is reached. Blocking off one vent just won’t help to cool down your home any faster.

In fact, it could cause a lot of trouble for your air conditioner. Your AC is designed to cool a certain amount of space. When your technician installed it (provided you hired a qualified technician for AC installation), your home was sized and scrutinized to ensure you got a system that was exactly the right cooling capacity. Any change in the size of the space it is cooling could force the system to become overworked, damaging some of the parts and actually decreasing efficiency.

Alternative Energy Saving Tips

Instead of shutting the air vents to a room that is not in use, you might consider installing a zone control system. Zone control systems involve the installation of several thermostats around the home as well as dampers in the ductwork that efficiently control airflow into a room.

Additionally, make sure you know the ins and outs of your programmable thermostat, so you can use it to help you save energy throughout the day. Clean your air filters each month, schedule maintenance every year with a qualified technician, and schedule repairs for any issues to effectively reduce your bills.

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