4 Ways to Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System

An air conditioning system has one basic function: to lower the temperature in your home. But did you know that there are also many ways to upgrade your air conditioning that can improve your comfort, convenience, and your health? Check out these 4 ways you can improve the performance of your air conditioner, and call a professional AC technician for installation.

  • Replace the Thermostat – When you get a new air conditioning or heating system, you may not always decide to replace the thermostat. But if you’re still using a manual thermostat with dials and sliders or one without programming options, we think this is a mistake. A programmable thermostat can save you money, allowing you to set a schedule so that you do not worry about forgetting to shut off the AC or raise the temperature. Upgrade today even if you aren’t experiencing issues with the air conditioner.
  • Add in Zone Control – Zone control allows you to change the temperature in one area of the home without affecting the temperature throughout the house. This means someone can cool off in the living room without using energy to also cool the upstairs rooms. A technician must install this system in your ductwork, which can be done during the installation of the ducts or added in at any time.
  • Consider Additional Filtration – Your HVAC system comes with a filter that is designed to eliminate many of the particles that would otherwise pass through and circulate through your home. But standard filters are ineffective at removing some of the smallest and most harmful pollutants. Consider purchasing an additional filtration system or air purifier to improve the level of allergens in your air.
  • Replace Early – Waiting for a struggling air conditioning system to break down before replacing it can have a major effect on your bills and your comfort. Air conditioners that are too old and worn cannot operate efficiently, and you will most likely notice your bills continue to go up. Replace early so that you have time to consider your options (such as a heat pump which heats and cools or a system with variable speed settings), and so that you are not stuck without cooling on a hot humid day.

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