Reverse Osmosis: The Only System You Need for Water Treatment

Is the quality of the water that flows from your taps up to the standards you set for your family? If you’re not sure whether there are contaminants in your water supply, it’s time to schedule water testing today. Water testing often reveals issues within the water supply, even if there is no visible discoloration or cloudiness. And the one system that can do the most to keep your water pure is a reverse osmosis system.

Reverse Osmosis Systems Keep Very Small Particles Out of the Water

Reverse osmosis systems aren’t filters in the traditional sense. They do not trap particles that collect on a filter made of any of several fibrous materials. All reverse osmosis systems work in the same way. A very thin semi-permeable membrane allows only water to move to the other side, using pressure to push it through. Most impurities (or those of a certain size) cannot pass, including many minerals and chemicals.

The contaminants kept out of your water supply with a reverse osmosis system are usually .001 microns in size or larger. This is smaller than the sizes of the most common water contaminants, including lead, mercury, and arsenic. Unfortunately, the municipal water treatment system cannot guarantee these are all eliminated, but with the addition of one of these devices in your home, they are likely to stay out.

Additional Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Not only do these systems remove more particles than other filtration devices, but they can also flush these particles away so you don’t have to clean them out. Some models come with additional filters and auto-flush features, and they use no energy to operate. The smell, taste, and appearance of your water may improve, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with professional installation.

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