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Should You Repair that Broken AC Yourself?

When your air conditioning system quits working, repairs may not always seem so urgent. And when this is the case, some homeowners see it as the perfect opportunity to take on the repair as a do-it-yourself project. Unfortunately, many of these DIY jobs end poorly, and homeowners often need a technician to take over anyway.

What Can Go Wrong with DIY AC Repair?

We recommend calling a technician any time the repair involves anything more than replacing the air filter or learning more about the settings on your thermostat. Technicians go through years of training and can recognize the source of any AC problem quickly.

And amateur repairs often do not go as planned. Much of the time, the problem that you think is causing your air conditioner to malfunction may actually not be the source of the issue. If you are trying to repair an AC that keeps freezing, for example, you may find many conflicting pieces of advice. While one guide may inform you that you need more refrigerant, another might tell you to replace the fan motor, while still one more could tell you to just replace the filter.

Each of these could fix the issue, but a trained technician wastes no time determining for sure which is actually doing the damage. Allow a technician with plenty of experience to perform the repair right the first time, saving you money in additional repairs.

So What Can You Do?

While we don’t recommend attempting repairs on your own, we do recommend that you do all you can to keep the system maintained. Professionals can perform a thorough maintenance, but you can do your part by changing the air filter each month. Keep the outside unit free of debris and large obstructions. And make sure that vents stay open and that your programmable thermostat is set to an efficient temperature.

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