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Prevent Wear and Tear on Your AC with these Tips

How to Get the Most Our of Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning components tend to experience some level of wear and tear over time. But you can reduce the amount of damage that occurs over the years by following these AC tips. Some of the most common and costly repair issues that occur with air conditioners are preventable, so you should try to do everything you can to maintain your AC and keep it around for longer.

Change your AC filter

When the air filter in your HVAC system becomes clogged with debris, air can no longer flow into the indoor unit with ease. This can force parts to work harder than they should, and you will not get the level of airflow into your home that you desire. The indoor evaporator coil may freeze, putting additional strain on the system.

Don’t block the vents

One of the errors that many homeowners make is shutting off vents to rooms that are not in use. If you keep a vent shut, however, it forces the air conditioning system to work a lot harder than it should have to keep the space cool, wearing down some of the components.

Get a new thermostat

Preventing wear and tear for your system means taking the proper steps to reduce the amount of time you use your system. If you are still relying on a manual thermostat to control the temperature in your home, you should switch over to a programmable thermostat that allows you to automatically switch off the system according to your schedule.

Schedule maintenance

Finally, we can’t stress this enough: regular maintenance for your heating and AC systems helps to keep everything running smoothly and safely. An inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of the parts of your system will keep everything in top shape and get rid of some of the wear and tear that happens over the course of a year.

Even with the proper maintenance, you may still run into AC issues. Call the friendly people at Advanced Home Services to schedule air conditioning repair or maintenance in Denver, CO.