Thanksgiving Gravy: It’s Great on Mashed Potatoes, but Terrible on Pipes

Your Thanksgiving meal just isn’t complete without a heaping ladleful of gravy to top off your turkey and many of your favorite side dishes. But you wouldn’t guess that something so delicious could be so detrimental to your drainpipes. We have some info on what makes gravy and other common food items so harmful to your pipes, and we offer our best advice on preventing drain clogs and garbage disposal issues this Thanksgiving so you can enjoy the holiday with little hassle.

Fats, Oils, and Grease: A Thanksgiving Threat

Eating fatty foods is one of the highlights of a Thanksgiving meal. But fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are some of the biggest threats your drains face this Thanksgiving. Gravy may seem harmless, but the fats may solidify in your drains as they cool, sticking to the inside of the pipe and collecting until sewage can no longer move to the municipal system (or to your septic tank). We highly recommend that large amounts of FOG is transferred to a separate container instead and brought out with the rest of the trash.

Send Guests Home with To-Go Boxes to Avoid Stopped Drains

High demand on any plumbing system can lead to issues. This holiday season, it may be a good idea to do what you can to keep from putting too many food scraps into the drain. Refrigerate leftovers and trash as many unused food items as you can. If you must put food into the drains, break large pieces into smaller chunks first, and try to avoid fibrous foods (like celery and onion skins) that can wrap around the disposal and jam the motor.

Take Preventive Measures So You Can Focus on Pies, Not Pipes

Make sure that you have a plunger handy should any sudden issues arise with your drains. You may also want to have a plumber come to your home for drain cleaning service. Professional drain cleaning can rid the pipes of stuck-on residue, preventing opportunities for major drain and sewer clogs.

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