Don’t Forget to Tune Up Your Heat Pump this Fall

Have you scheduled heat pump maintenance this year? Even if you had a technician examine your system in the spring or summer, a second tune up in the fall is ideal if you want your system to run efficiently when temperatures drop. Usually, we recommend that each of your home comfort systems gets professional maintenance at least one every year. But since heat pumps are cooling and heating systems in one, they do double the work, and deserve twice the attention!

The Benefits of Annual Maintenance

There are a number of ways that heat pump maintenance improves your system, but only if you schedule services regularly. Without the proper levels of attention over the years, your heat pump may deteriorate faster and cause more problems for you over time. Here’s what makes twice annual maintenance so crucial.

  • Improve Winter Efficiency and Performance: One of the main reasons to schedule annual heat pump services is to lower your bills and see your heat pump perform a lot better and keep you more comfortable throughout the winter. This is because a tune up of the coils and electrical components can allow things to run a lot more smoothly.
  • Make Sure Your Supplementary Heating Works: It’s also important to see that the supplementary heating system that works as a backup for your heat pump is able to operate properly when you need it. You don’t want to find out that this is broken on a cold winter night, and a routine inspection in the fall can call your attention to problems early.
  • Prevent Repairs: When the parts are running smoothly, there’s less of a chance of a sudden system failure in the winter.
  • Extend the Life of Your Heat Pump: Finally, routine maintenance may allow your heat pump to stay around for longer. This is part of what makes this relatively inexpensive service so valuable.

When you call our technicians for heat pump maintenance services in Rigby, you can count on receiving quality customer service and workmanship. We are constantly training and updating our employees so we can set the highest standards. Call our team today!