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You Haven’t Scheduled a Heater Tune Up Yet?

A heater tune up is a routine task that we recommend all customers schedule at some point before the heating season begins. Professional heater maintenance involves an inspection of your heating system, a quick cleaning of some of the parts, and a few adjustments to the system as needed. So why schedule this service when there does not appear to be anything wrong with your heater?

  • Improve efficiency: In the winter, your bills may go up quite a bit once you start running your system for large portions of the day. Schedule a heating system tune-up at the beginning of the season and you won’t have to worry about bills skyrocketing due to dirty or poorly adjusted components.
  • Get better heating: A heater that is regularly tuned up may perform better and provide you with greater overall comfort. With a few adjustments to the system, you can enjoy greater temperature accuracy, faster delivery of heat to your home, and a system that encounters fewer troubles throughout the winter.
  • Enjoy having your system around for longer: When you schedule a heater tune-up every year for the life of the system, it could actually live longer than expected due to the improvement in performance and efficiency.
  • Have peace of mind: It’s not very common, but it is possible that a gas heater can have problems with the gas ignition system or the heat exchanger that lead to a potential gas or carbon monoxide leak. A thorough inspection of your unit can give you peace of mind that this is not the case, or it allows you to find out about them early on so you can schedule service and avoid a dangerous situation.

Right now, Advanced Home Services is offering an $84 heater tune-up special. Call us for more information and to schedule an appointment today. We are the standard when it comes to providing great service in the Pocatello area.