Does Your Furnace Really Need a Professional Tune-Up?

Heating service technicians often recommend that homeowners schedule a furnace tune-up early on in the heating season or before it ever begins. But is this really necessary for a system that rarely encounters trouble? What if the system is fairly new or has recently been repaired? No matter what state your furnace is in, we strongly recommend that you schedule maintenance at least once a year. Here’s why.

Reduce Your Utilities

A furnace tune up can actually reduce your monthly energy and gas bills, as the system will not have to work so hard to run once a technician is finished making adjustments. The technician should measure the voltage and tighten electrical connections. Moving parts are also lubricated to allow the system to run smoothly. After all of the controls are inspected and adjusted, the system should be running at peak efficiency again.

Improve Performance

Since these steps help to reduce the workload of the furnace, a tune-up will also help to keep you more comfortable. The system can heat your home quickly, which means you can count on staying warm all season long with fewer issues. The furnace is much less likely to encounter any issues, but if there are any problems with the system, the technician will let you know during maintenance so that you can schedule services.

Get Peace of Mind

Finally, a fall furnace tune-up gives you peace of mind over both the performance of your system and your safety. Since most furnaces run on natural gas, there is always a small risk of fire or a gas or carbon monoxide leak. During a maintenance visit, the technician inspects the heat exchanger, the burners, and other components to ensure that everything is safe to operate.

Call the friendly technicians at Advanced Home Services today to schedule a fall furnace tune-up in the Idaho Falls, ID area. Ask about our heating maintenance program and how you can get annual tune-ups and inspections of your heating and air conditioning systems along with additional discounts on repairs.