Is My Furnace Ready to Operate for the Fall?

As it comes time to shut off the air conditioners completely and switch on your heating system, you may have some concerns. When a furnace goes unused for so long, it’s tough to know whether it will operate properly and safely. Before you turn your furnace on again, we strongly recommend asking yourself the following questions, which can help ensure your system is prepared.

Have You Changed the Filter?

The furnace filter is a crucial component to the operation of the system, keeping debris out of the system so it cannot cause any damage (and so you don’t have to breathe it in). But once the filter gets too dirty, the blower fan will not work properly, and the system can become overworked. This also raises your energy bills. For maximum efficiency, change the filter once a month or according to manufacturer’s instructions, and schedule a maintenance visit this fall.

Have You Scheduled a Maintenance Visit?

Routine maintenance visits are a key part of keeping a furnace in top condition. A furnace that receives regular maintenance will run more efficiently, experience fewer problems, and possibly outlive its expected lifespan. During maintenance, a professional cleans and fine tunes some of the major components. They’ll also look for cracks in the heat exchanger and issues with the flue and ignition system to check for safety concerns.

Do You Need a Replacement?

If your system is well over a decade old, it’s time to ask yourself whether a replacement is a better option. Your old furnace probably costs you a lot of money to run, and you might be surprised by the difference in performance and efficiency with a brand new system. Ask your technician to help you find a high-efficiency furnace that fits your home’s needs.

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