Cleaning Out Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Spring is a time to get your yard back into shape, which means you’ll want to start up your home’s irrigation system soon. This may be something you can do on your own, or you might enlist the help of a professional to assist you in repairing leaks, replacing broken parts, and getting everything running smoothly.

One thing you might notice during sprinkler startup is that your sprinkler heads are clogged or dirty. We’ve got some tips on identifying dirty sprinkler heads or nozzles and cleaning them out in the guide below.

How Can You Tell Your Sprinkler Heads Are Clogged?

The reason you have a sprinkler system is so that every portion of your yard can be watered evenly. If one area of your lawn has little or no water pressure, that could indicate a clog that needs cleaning.

It’s important to note, however, that a lack of water doesn’t always mean there’s a clog. It could mean that there is a leak somewhere in that zone, which you can test for during sprinkler setup. It could also indicate a broken sprinkler head in need of replacement.

What Can You Do About It?

If it turns out that your sprinkler heads are clogged, it may not be too difficult to clean it. However, you might still want to leave this job to a professional in order to be sure that you don’t damage anything. Some sprinkler heads are easier to break than others, and a lot of care and precision is involved in attempting to clean them out.

If you do decide to clean out the sprinkler heads yourself, a paperclip or similar object should suffice. There are also some sprinkler heads that pop out and disconnect for cleaning, but follow your manual or call a professional to do this. You might need to take the sprinkler head apart and clean out a small screen in the nozzle.

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