Is Your Sprinkler System Functioning Properly? - Part 2

Last month, we published a blog post in which we noted some tips for starting up your sprinkler system this spring. Now that you’ve likely used your sprinkler system once or twice, it’s time to determine if your sprinkler system is functioning properly.

The reason this is important is because even natural wear and tear of your sprinkler system can lead to malfunctions, and significant water waste. Efficient water use requires ongoing preventive maintenance, in addition to quality repairs. So how can you check that your sprinkler system is operating?

Look for Overwatered Plants

Standing water can hurt—and may even kill—your outdoor plants. Signs of overwatering include yellowing leaves, branch die-off, leaves that droop or even prematurely drop, wet and mushy roots, and moist soil.

Also Checked for Underwatered Plants

When plants aren’t watered enough, they suffer from stress that damages their roots, leaves and stems. Signs of underwatering includes pale green leaves and/or brown edges on the leaves of your plants, drooping or wilting leaves, wrinkled and yellowing stems, and dry soil around the plant roots.

Other Common Sprinkler Problems

So what if you do seem to have a problem with your sprinklers? Check to make sure that there isn’t a blockage in front of any of the sprinkler heads by pruning back nearby plants, or even by relocating the sprinkler head or plant. It may be time to call in a professional if you notice any of the other common sprinkler problems we’ve listed below.

  • Water is squirting out around the sprinkler heads.
  • Time clock is not operating.
  • Rotor sprinkler does not rotate correctly.
  • Spray head sprinkler is not putting out any water.

If you find your sprinkler system is not operating safely, call the experts in sprinkler system repair in Blackfoot, ID, Advanced Home Services.