What Happens During Your AC Maintenance Appointment?

With the soaring temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, we hope that you haven’t had any problems with your air conditioning system. If you’ve had a routine maintenance appointment done in the past year and followed up with recommended repairs, then you probably haven’t. However, avoiding maintenance can lead to many problems, including premature system breakdown.

We understand that many people avoid AC maintenance because they believe it’s an unnecessary cost. On the contrary though. Having maintenance done saves you money by helping you stay on top of small repairs and problems before they become huge, costlier emergencies. To truly help you understand the importance of maintenance, we’ve shared some of the steps our HVAC technicians take during this appointment below.

Adjust and Clean

Without the proper adjustments and regular cleaning, your AC system is unable to distribute conditioned air throughout your home successfully. The last thing you want is to wind up with uneven temperatures throughout your home due to the fact that your air conditioner’s blower component is compromised, or evaporator coil is dirty, etc.


Upon installation, all the moving parts of your air conditioner are properly lubricated to eliminate excessive friction that can cut down on energy efficiency. This lubrication eventually wears off though, and without reapplication your air conditioner will start to wear down quickly.

Electrical Check

For your safety, our HVAC technicians will check and tighten any electrical connections that need it, when performing AC maintenance. The voltage and current on the motors in your AC system should be measured at this time.

Refrigerant Level Check

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that refrigerant is something that should be recharged—refilled—on a regular basis. On the contrary, your AC system is ideally supplied with enough refrigerant upon installation to last its entire lifespan. If your refrigerant needs to be refilled, it means you have a leak that must be repaired.

Overall Operation

Your system controls (thermostats) should be checked for proper operation. This ensures that your AC system will start up properly, run, and shut down as it’s supposed to.

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