Prevent These Gas Line Problems with Professional Installation

Natural gas is the preferred fuel-source choice for heating systems and many other appliances for homeowners throughout the country. It’s both convenient and cost-effective, and with the advancement of technology, gas-powered appliances such as furnaces are a lot safer than those of the past.

However, risks still do exist when you utilize gas lines in your home. You could have problems due to faulty gas line installation, or due to natural disasters, and even lack of maintenance on your gas-burning appliances. These potential hazards should not be taken lightly. Preventing the following gas line problems is essential to reducing your risk of personal injury, health problems, and fire.


Natural gas has no particular odor or color. This is disconcerting when you consider how harmful inhaling natural gas can be, let alone the fire risk it poses. Fortunately, however, your gas company adds a Sulphur-based scent component to the gas—akin to the smell of rotten eggs. This way, people can easily determine if they have a leak in their gas line.

If gas lines are not installed appropriately and maintained just as well, your risk of leaks is far greater. If you do suspect that you have a gas leak, the best thing you can do is make sure that you and your family have vacated the property (do not turn off any lights or any gas-powered equipment that is running, as a spark can ignite a fire), and then call 911 or your utility company.

Carbon Monoxide

When gas lines aren’t installed correctly, or when appliances that burn fuel are not working as they should, carbon monoxide is often leaked into the air. This gas can make you very ill. It is tasteless and odorless as well, so it is not detected easily. The best thing you can do to prevent hazards from this type of gas leak is have a carbon monoxide detector installed.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can bring on symptoms such as headaches, nausea, extreme fatigue, fuzzy vision, and dizziness when you stand up. Many people mistake these symptoms as the flu. However if multiple people in your home are experiencing these symptoms and/or the symptoms are not accompanied by a fever, then CO poisoning is a definite possibility. Your utility company should be called if you suspect such a leak.

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