How Do Technicians Determine What’s Wrong with a Furnace?

Homeowners want to know what their technicians are doing when they show up at a home to fix a furnace, and that’s understandable. No homeowner wants to feel like their HVAC technician is taking advantage of the customer’s lack of expertise and charging more than they have to for a part that’s not even broken, or recommending a replacement when it’s not really necessary.

A good technician will keep you updated throughout the diagnosis and repair process, so that you know exactly what’s going on. But in general, here are the steps your technician takes when finding out what’s wrong with your furnace.

  • Asking Questions: The first step is to ask you questions about your furnace. When did the problem start happening? Is it contained to one room, or have you lost heat in every room? Can you still hear the fan running when you turn on the thermostat? This helps the technician have a better idea of what the problem might be, guided by their own expertise.
  • Safety First: A good technician considers their own safety and the safety of your home and family first and foremost. They’ll make sure that electrical components are disconnected as needed and check for anything unusual with the gas valve or the burner flame.
  • Visual Inspection: A complete visual inspection may help your technician to determine what is wrong, as the trained eye is better able to sense when something is off.
  • Narrowing Down the Problem: Once they narrow down the issues, your technician will let you know what’s happening. They may need to disassemble parts of the furnace to find out if a part can be repaired or needs replacement. But a quality service provider only recommends the service that is best for you, your home, and your budget.

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