Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning for that Clog

When you have problems with your drains, you want the problem gone quickly. Sometimes, a drainage issue affects only one fixture in your home. But sometimes, you have trouble getting multiple drains in the home to get rid of wastewater, and you may even have a problem with backup.

When this is the case, it’s probably not something you could handle with a home plunger. Plus, those chemical drain cleaners are hardly effective, could damage the pipes, and are toxic in the wrong hands. You need professionals who have the tools to clean the drains and keep them clear, preventing clogs from coming back.

Clearing the Main Drain Line

When severe clogs affect your daily way of life, we recommend scheduling professional drain line cleaning with hydro jetting. This service does more than just get rid of the clog; it also prevents clogs from coming back.

Hydro jetting is a process that involves the use of a long, thin hose that is fed through the main drain line: where all of the drains in your home meet up. The hose blasts out water at an extremely high pressure, but don’t worry; the water pressure will not damage the pipes. The speed of the water is what allows it to lift residue and debris from the pipe lining, keeping them completely clear and sending blockage back toward the sewer.

This can get rid of a wide range of issues. First, it gets rid of the fats, oils, and grease that cling to the lining of your pipes. These can allow additional debris to collect, so getting rid of these substances is key to avoiding drain clogs in the future.

It can get rid of large sources of blockage, although your contractor should first perform and inspection to make sure it’s the right tool to use. In some cases, a drain auger or drain snake is still the better choice. However, hydro jetting has been known to clear even the toughest of blockage, like tree roots, which may become a problem in the spring.

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