What Should You Do If You Smell Gas?

What to Do If You Suspect a Natural Gas Leak

At Advanced Home Services, we are committed to helping families like yours stay comfortable and safe. And this winter, when you’re using your natural gas heating systems, we want to make sure that you know just what to do in case any safety issues come up. If you notice the smell of natural gas in your home (often described as a rotten egg odor), we recommend the following:

  • Recognize any immediate danger: If you notice a strong gas odor or hear a hissing sound from your gas lines and suspect a gas leak indoors, vacate the home as soon as possible and call the authorities. Natural gas is highly combustible and breathing it in could lead to asphyxiation.
  • Check the stove: However, you may want to check the stove first to see if the smell is coming from a burner that was accidentally left on. If so, shut it off and open up the windows.
  • Do not use electricity: Experts say it’s safe to open up a window before you leave the home, but it’s not safe to switch on a light, use the doorbell, use an elevator, or use any other electrical system, as it could create a spark that ignites a fire.
  • Call for help: Call your utility company and follow instructions on what to do next.

Prevention is key

Before you use your gas appliances this year, have a professional perform a thorough inspection for any potential gas and carbon monoxide leaks. Annual maintenance visits help to ensure that your heating equipment does not fail when you really need it as well, and they can lower your energy costs.

Also, be sure that only a certified gas line expert works on your gas lines. If your gas shutoff valve is turned off, do not try to turn it back on by yourself; call your local utility company instead.

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