The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

It’s no secret that you rely heavily on your home’s water heater. After all, it is likely the most used appliance in your home. Whether it’s taking a hot shower when you get up in the morning or washing the dishes at night, without a working water heater life can get very inconvenient and uncomfortable. In order to ensure that you have the hot water necessary to cook and clean, you need to take care of your water heater.

Preventing Water Heater Problems

No matter what model of water heater you have, there’s never a 100% chance that you’ll be able to prevent problems. However, you can do your part in reducing the risk of huge water heater repair problems by scheduling routine maintenance. Among the many benefits of maintenance is having a full inspection done by a water heater professional.

In addition to the inspection, your technician will perform any necessary tank flushing and other adjustments to make sure that your water heater continues to work at its best for another year, until your next maintenance appointment.

Is Maintenance Really That Important?

It doesn’t matter what type of mechanical appliance you have in your home, if it runs on a regular basis it’s going to suffer from deterioration over time. In addition to the normal every day stress it goes through, your water heater has to also deal with the effects of water in connection with metal. While your system’s anode rod is responsible for taking the brunt of this, corrosion can occur if you wait too long to have maintenance performed.

Routine water heater tune-ups can also help you save money on repairs. In fact it’s estimated that 85% of the repairs that water heaters run into might have been averted with routine maintenance. Technicians are trained to spot possible repair issues before they turn into larger emergencies. Therefore, they are taken care of right away and you don’t have to worry about a costlier problem down the road.

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