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How a Dirty Air Filter Could Lead to Repairs

The air filter in your home heating and air system does more than just keep allergens out of the air. While it can assist in keeping your symptoms from acting up, the air filter was actually first designed for a different purpose. The blower fan must first suck air into the air conditioning and heating system before it can recirculate in your home at the proper temperature. But without a filter in place, it could also suck in some large particles that could damage the indoor blower unit.

But It Doesn’t Work When It’s Dirty

A dirty filter should still keep large particles away from the indoor portions of your system and protect them from this type of damage. But a dirty air filter can still cause significant trouble for your system.

The problem is that your air conditioner and your furnace were both designed to take in a certain amount of airflow. When there is a drop in the amount of air coming into the system, it cannot perform the way it was designed to. However, it will still try to provide your home with the same cooling and heating output it is supposed to, and this can force the parts to become overworked.

When the air filter is too dirty, the fan works harder and harder to keep you comfortable. The compressor can get overworked as well, and any minor mechanical issues within the unit get worse and worse. Quickly, something as simple as dirt becomes the reason an HVAC system cannot keep you comfortable, needs repairs, or, at worst, breaks down.

Changing the Filter Each Month

We typically recommend changing the filter each month, though some manufacturers claim their filters can be changed less often—every 3-5 months. Changing the filter is not difficult, and the cost of a new one is still much less than the cost of frequent repairs.

  • Locate the filter—at the furnace itself, behind the register on the wall or ceiling, or behind multiple grilles in some larger systems.
  • Pull it out and take note of the size and types.
  • Purchase a similar filter and replace with the arrows facing in the right direction.

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