How Clearing Out Your Drains Protects Your Plumbing

There are plenty of quick and easy “solutions” marketed towards homeowners frustrated by a major drain clog in the home. When the sink or tub won’t drain, you might feel tempted to go out and purchase a chemical drain cleaner or you may even use a small drain auger you purchased at the store. Learn why we recommend against these products, and why clearing out your drains completely is the way to go when your drains are clogged.

What’s Wrong with Store-Bought Products?

Those chemical drain cleaners are actually highly toxic, as you may know. In fact, they are one of the most dangerous substances sold on shelves! Drain chemicals are poisonous, and can damage the skin and burn your eyes. Can you imagine if a child or a pet were to come near it? Besides, it damages your pipes, and it doesn’t even get rid of some of the most common sources of clogs.

Small store-bought drain augers may work to an extent, but they won’t reach clogs further in the pipes. And using the larger drain augers without any experience can lead to damages as well.

How Plumbers Clear Your Drains

If there’s a clog in one part of your plumbing, there’s likely quite a bit of buildup throughout the pipes. Eventually, the residue and debris in the pipes can cause major drain clogs that backup your tub, kitchen sink, and bathroom sink, and may even cause sewage to seep back through!

Hydro jetting involves more than just directly removing the blockage in the pipes. It uses a high-pressure hose to actually clean out the lining of your pipes and push blockages, residue, and debris out to the sewer.

Drain cleaning and clearing with hydro jetting can actually help to prevent clogs from occurring in the near future, particularly those major troublesome clogs that require emergency service from a plumber. Let a professional do the work for you and see that you experience fewer problems in the future.

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