Household Drain Care: Why You Should Nix the Home Remedy

Clogged drains are a fairly common home plumbing problem, and ideally you’ll be able to resolve the most minor of them with a plunger. However, some clogs are a little tougher, and need some extra help. As a handy homeowner, you might be tempted to go out and pick up some store-bought drain cleaner, or maybe look up a YouTube video on how to use a home remedy to clean your drain. Unfortunately, this can be a mistake. Keep reading to learn why.

Insufficient Solution

Neither home remedies nor store-bought drain cleaners will sufficiently relieve your drains of a clog. This is because rather than permanently removing the clog, the best they can do is break it up enough that your drains will appear to work properly for at least a few months, until you have another buildup of debris. Instead, our professional plumbers can effectively find your clog using video pipe inspection, and relieve it using specialized tools that only professionals have access too.


The other factor that’s important to consider is that home remedies and store bought solutions are often caustic, and can eventually wear down your pipes to the point that you need pipe replacement. If you think you can use a drain snake on your own, you may very well scratch the inside of your pipes, creating a break in the line that can lead to leaks or premature repiping.

If you truly want to relieve clogs from your plumbing system, and ensure that you won’t have to worry about them again in the near future, then it’s imperative that you hire a professional. There’s no cause for concern when you have our team on your side!

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