This Turkey Day, Don’t Suffer From Clogged Toilets

As the holidays approach, you may be planning fun festivities, with a number of people going in and out of your home, and subsequently, your bathroom. While this isn’t necessarily a fun or popular topic to bring up, you do want to ensure that your bathroom doesn’t become overwhelmed by all these visitors.

If it does and you find your bathroom on the wrong end of a clog, then we are here to help you get your plumbing system back in shape. But we’d like to help you avoid a problem all together. Here are some tips to help your toilet survive turkey day and the remaining holidays.

Avoid Toilet Paper Overuse

One of the leading causes of clogs is toilet paper overuse. This most commonly happens with children, so be sure to talk to them about it (if they’re old enough) and communicate this to the adults in your home as well.

Watch What You Flush

Unfortunately, there are a number of people who treat toilets like garbage cans. They may try to flush wipes, feminine products, diapers, and other small items, especially if there isn’t a trash can available. Be sure to have a trash can in clear sight in your bathroom at all times.

Keep Toys and Small Objects Away From the Toilet

The holidays typically see the arrival of new toys, and curious kids likely see your bathroom as more of a play area than housing for your plumbing system! Spread the word—your bathroom isn’t for games and toys.

Keep the Back of Your Toilet Clear of Objects

It’s tempting to put decorative items on top of your toilet—especially during this time of year! However if you have kids or will have guests in and out, you can’t expect them to take care with these items. They could easily take a plunge right into your toilet. Eliminate the chance of this happening by keeping the back of your toilet clear.

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