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Watch Out for These Common Holiday Drain Problems This Season

As the weather cools and we progress into November, there’s no denying that the holidays are well on their way. And this is the time of year that can be considerably tough on your plumbing system. The incorrect disposal of FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease), the overuse of garbage disposals, and the improper or excessive disposal of paper waste can result in clogged drains, and are actually frequent culprits of emergency main drain service calls we receive. But how can you prevent a holiday plumbing disaster?

Do Not Pour FOG Down the Drain

Baking, frying, or roasting can result in festive holiday dinners, but also create excessive cooking oils, grease, and fats that require disposal. Instead of putting them down a drain, it’s important to put cooled fats and oils into a garbage bag or into a sealed container before you dispose of it in the trash. Even small amounts of grease can eventually build up and cause a larger issue.

Watch the Table Scraps

While garbage disposal systems are highly effective at breaking down most food waste, there are a few items that you should throw away instead. Fibrous vegetables, such as celery, are a good example. Also, potato peels have proven to be problematic for these systems. It’s also a good idea to use a drain basket or strainer in the sink to catch smaller food items rinsed from plates and utensils to be on the safe side.

Watch Your Bathroom Drains Too

Remind any holiday visitors that you may have that they should never flush paper towels, sanitary products, or wet wipes down the toilet. Even those labeled as “flushable” can actually create problems. Avoid these issues by having a waste basket ready in each bathroom of your home.

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