Why Do My Drains Smell Like Sewage?

This is certainly a scenario that no homeowner wants to run into: they notice a foul odor of sewage coming from their plumbing system. However, it does happen, and although sometimes the solution may be a simple fix, other times it really does require the professional assistance of highly trained and experienced plumbers. Keep reading for a few reasons your drains may smell like sewage.

Backup from Blocked Vents

The wastewater in your plumbing system has vents to channel away sewer gas. These vents are located on the roof, and if they’re blocked by debris or even a bird’s next, then the sewer gas will be forced back up through the drains. If this is the issue, then you may very well notice gurgling sounds from your drains too. This noise is caused by sewer gas being forced through the water in the p-trap.

Dry P-Trap

This is the curved pipe located below your drains, and it collects water that acts as a block against a backflow of sewer gas from farther down the pipe. This water eventually evaporates in sinks that do not see frequent use, and as a result the dry p-trap will allow sewer gas to enter your home. If you arrive home from vacation and notice the smell, try turning on the water (to fill up the P-trap) and see if that helps.

Sewer Line Damage

This is a detrimental plumbing problem that deserves immediate attention. If you notice the smell of sewage permeating from a variety of places in your home, then this is likely the cause. Your sewer line runs all the wastewater from your home out under your property to the municipal sewer system under the street. If your sewer line breaks either from age or corrosion, or becomes clogged because of root infestation, it will back up all the drainage lines in your plumbing, clogging drains and creating the foul odor you detect.

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