Caring for Your Garbage Disposal: Overloading and Other Problems

The garbage disposal in your kitchen is likely one of the devices in your home that you give little thought to. But what if something goes wrong with it? Garbage disposals make our lives incredibly convenient, however when it suffers from problems you can find yourself with a huge mess on your hands, and an inoperable kitchen sink.

Fortunately, we provide exceptional garbage disposal repairs and services. However, wouldn’t it be nice to avoid garbage disposal problems to begin with? Keep reading to learn how to reduce your risk of these common garbage disposal issues.


There are some items that should never be put down your kitchen drain—chicken bones, FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease), peach pits, fibrous vegetables such as celery, and coffee grounds. But even if you avoid these foods, you still have to watch for overloading. For example, it may be okay to put one potato skin or the debris from one peeled carrot down your disposal at a time, but if you try to force a whole meal’s worth of these items down your garbage disposal, you will overload it and cause a jam.

Power Surge

Electrical issues aren’t necessarily common with garbage disposals, but they are not unheard of. Your sink disposal unit can become overloaded by a power surge, which will shut if off before it burns out completely. Most disposals have a red reset button near the bottom—try pressing this to see if it remedies the issue. If not, it’s time to call our team for professional repairs.


Just as any other component of your plumbing system can spring a leak, so can your garbage disposal. Our professional plumbers can find the source of the leak, and resolve the issue promptly and correctly, to get your kitchen back in functional order.

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