Don’t Forget to Change Your Furnace Filter!

Temperatures have finally started cooling down, signaling the start of the heating season. But wait! Is your furnace truly ready? If you’ve already had maintenance done, then you very likely had your furnace filter changed too. However, while a maintenance visit is a once-a-year need, a furnace change or cleaning is not.

Your HVAC system’s air filter protects the cabinet that houses your AC system and your furnace. It prevents dust and other debris from entering through the return air vents and creating damage. However, if you neglect your air filter then it will become clogged and significantly reduce airflow. This results in an inefficient furnace and can create other problems as well.

But how often do you really need to change your furnace filter? Truthfully, it depends. Keep reading to learn more.

Permanent Filters

Permanent filters are something that we don’t actually recommend to every homeowner. The reason for this is that they aren’t as effective at filtration as temporary filters, and they can also develop mold and mildew over time if they aren’t dried properly. However if you do have a filter of this kind, you’ll want to remove it and clean it with a low-pressured garden hose every 2 months. Make sure it’s thoroughly dried before replacing.

Panel Filters

Panel filters can be purchased in packs from just about any hardware store. They’re the least expensive type of air filter and have less powerful filtration levels than pleated filters, however they still work just fine for many furnaces and AC systems. However, they do need frequent changing—once a month.

Pleated Filters

These filters are a bit more on the expensive side, because they are made of polyester rather than fiberglass, making them more powerful at filtration. One thing to keep in mind is that air filters can actually be too powerful and restrict airflow.

You’ll typically want to stick with an air filter with a MERV rating of 10 or lower. This type of filter should be changed every 3-6 months—more frequently if there are significant contaminants in your home such as pet dander and/or cigarette smoke.

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