What Do Technicians Look for During Furnace Maintenance?

As we discussed in mid-August, even though our current temperatures don’t make it seem so, now is the perfect time to schedule your furnace maintenance. And before you think about skipping this important service consider this: would you ever skip a maintenance appointment for your car? Chances are, you wouldn’t, because you would be stranded at some point with an inoperable vehicle.

A prematurely broken down furnace is no less inconvenient than a broken down car, especially if you’re in the middle of winter when it fails you. A furnace tune-up will help you save money of the course of a year by keeping your system running as efficiently as possible and reducing the potential for repair needs in the future. But what actually happens during this service appointment?

Thorough Inspection

One of the most important tasks our technicians complete during your maintenance appointment is an inspection. At this time, we’ll look for any potential health and safety risks, or anything else that might affect the performance of your system. We’ll inform you of anything in need of prompt repair as well, so you can schedule additional services quickly.

Comprehensive Cleaning

When various components of your furnace are dirty, they can’t perform as they should. For example, if one of your burners is dirty, it can’t possible generate heat in an efficient and effective manner. And if one component fails, soon a domino effect will cause other components to fail as well.

Proper Adjustments

There are times when you may have components of your furnace that need to be adjusted, due to becoming loose or bent over time. You might have a bent flame sensor, or maybe even a loose furnace panel. While this may seem relatively minor, it can turn into a much larger, and more costly, problem if not taken care of.

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