Drain and Sewer Cleaning Done Right

undefinedDrain clogs are, unfortunately, something that almost every homeowner has to deal with at some point. But clogs are also one of those problems that most individuals deal with incorrectly. When a drain clog appears in the average home, most people go for the quick fix—a bottle of store-bought liquid drain cleaner. This is actually the worst way to deal with a clog, though!

Keep reading to learn why professional plumbing services in Idaho Falls, ID are so vital to the health of your drain and sewer pipes.

The Problem with the Store-Bought Solution

The reason we are so against store-bought drain cleaners to clean out clogs is that the majority of these utilize corrosive chemicals to get the job done. Sure, they’ll eat through whatever is clogging your pipe (albeit, temporarily), but they won’t stop at that—that corrosion will eat at your pipes, causing them to degrade over time.

They will eventually corrode to the point where you may need to invest in pipe replacement far sooner than you otherwise would have had to. The chemicals used in these drain cleaning “solutions” are not good for you and your family, either! It’s actually pretty easy to accidentally injure yourself due to exposure to these harmful chemicals.

Professional Drain Cleaning Is the Way to Go

Our professional plumbers are very aware that store-bought drain cleaning solutions do more harm than they do good. This is why we do not use corrosive chemicals in our drain cleaning methods. Rather, we make use of a variety of more effective methods. For instance, drain snaking involves the use of an auger on a long cord to drill through any clogs in your pipe—the oldest and often easiest way to effectively remove clogs.

Sometimes though, your stubborn drain and sewer clogs need a little something extra, and that’s where hydro jetting comes in! A hydro jet is a tool that’s comprised of a thin hose, with an omnidirectional sprayer head attached to it. The hose sprays a high-pressure stream of water into the pipe, which hits all areas of the pipe walls and blasts away any waste build up, out of your system.

This method has become increasingly popular throughout the years, since it both removes the current clog and makes it harder for further clogs to form later on. There are some pipes, however, that can’t withstand the pressure of hydro jetting, in which case other methods will be used.

The Professional Difference

The most important part to remember is that a professional plumber can clean out your drains far faster and more thoroughly than you can do on your own. It may seem more expensive upfront, but when you factor in how much longer your drain pipes will last, you’re actually saving money on premature replacement. So whether your drains are clogged or you just want to schedule an annual cleaning to prevent clogs from appearing in the first place, we’re the team to call.

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