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Why Isn’t My Furnace Producing Any Heat?

undefinedWere you aware that regularly scheduled maintenance can help your furnace work more effectively and more efficiently? It’s during this appointment that our technicians fully inspect and clean your system, looking for any signs of trouble that may impact the performance of your heating system. Of course, this means nothing if you are currently facing an improperly working heating system!

One of the most infuriating problems you can run into, with any type of heater, is a system that won’t produce heat. Fortunately, you need only to call on us for expert Rexburg, ID furnace repairs. But in the meantime, we’d like to help you understand what has gone wrong. There are a number of reasons you may be feeling reduced heat, or no heat at all, coming from your furnace.

Breached Ductwork

This is a common problem faced by forced air heaters—air ducts that are supposed to distribute warmth are in disrepair. Although the culprit of a lack of heat could be a build up of dirt—in which case a good duct cleaning is in order—a more likely culprit is damage along your ductwork.

Amateur installation or repair could be to blame, or even natural corrosion over time. Since your air ducts need to be sealed their entire length, any breach along them will lower the air pressure, allowing hot air to bleed out. Remember, “duct tape” is not appropriately named, and should never be used for this kind of job. It instead requires professional duct sealing with the use of professional-grade mastic.

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

Sometimes the problem isn’t with your heater at all, but rather with the thermostat used to control it. You may have accidentally set your thermostat to “cool” or “fan only” or might have even set an inaccurate temperature so you aren’t feeling the heat you thought you had called for. Thermostats can also malfunction just like any other electronic device, so that is something else you should have checked.

An Aging Furnace

And of course, there’s the possibility that your furnace simply cannot work as efficiently as it once did because it’s too old to do so. No matter how much care and attention you’ve given your furnace over the years, it may simply be too aged to work as it should. If it’s survived two decades, then it’s well beyond it’s useful service life, and it’s time to consider a heating system replacement.

Gas Leaks

Remember, if your furnace isn’t working as it should, and you detect the “rotten egg” odor that is given to natural gas in your home, this is an emergency you should not ignore. Be sure to exit the property right away if you suspect this is a problem, and call your utility company’s emergency line, or call 911. A gas leak can be very serious, leading to safety hazards for your home as well as your family.

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