4 Reasons Your Furnace Could Break Down This Winter

Cold weather is here, which means you are likely turning on your heater regularly, much like in many other parts of the country. If you have started yours, then ideally you weren’t met with any problems. However, if you’ve neglected maintenance or have an aging system, there’s a decent chance that your furnace could break down this winter. Keep reading to learn more about this, and to read 3 more reasons your system might break down.

1. Neglecting Maintenance

Neglecting maintenance means that you expose your HVAC system to a number of different potential problems. Your furnace contains various moving parts that each work hard during the entire heating season.

Without routine maintenance and necessary part replacements, these components will wear down and eventually stop working. Lack of maintenance means that your furnace will age faster toward the end of its service life.

2. Gas Line Trouble

Natural gas furnaces are considered by many to be the most common type of residential heater that exists. If you have trouble with your gas line, however, then the furnace may not work at all. Your pilot light won’t come on, nor will the gas jets. There are a number of reasons this might happen, but natural gas is definitely not something you should handle on your own. Be sure to contact professional HVAC technicians for this type of work.

3. Failed Electrical Ignition

All electric furnaces, and even modern gas furnaces, use electrical ignition in order to activate the heating cycle. If this ignition fails, then the furnace won’t be able to turn on at all.

4. Mechanical Troubles

There are a number of mechanical components within your HVAC system—your motor, fan belt, and bearings, just to name a few. If the motors break down, or their bearings become to worn, then your furnace is at risk of ceasing operation.

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