Watch for These Warning Signs of a Struggling Air Conditioner

undefinedSummer is officially here, and our warmer temperatures aren’t going anywhere for a while. Therefore, you should be keeping a close eye on your air conditioner. As you use it more and more often to keep your home cool and comfortable, you’ll be placing more strain on it—summer is actually the number one time of year for air conditioner problems to crop up.

Keeping yours in good shape for the summer season requires investing in air conditioning services in Rexburg, ID, such as preventive maintenance, but also keeping a sharp eye out for warning signs that your cooling system is in poor shape. The faster you can detect a cooling system in trouble, the quicker you can get it repaired and the better off it will be. Keep reading for some of the top warning signs of a struggling air conditioner.

Odd Noises

Even after just a few times of using your air conditioning system, you’ll likely be pretty familiar with how it sounds during operation. If your AC system suddenly starts making strange noises during operation, it’s a big sign that you should call for repairs ASAP. Unusual noises could mean a number of different problems, depending on the specific noise.

For example, hissing and bubbling noises most likely mean that there are air bubbles in the refrigerant line—signaling a refrigerant leak. Grinding sounds indicate that your AC system’s air handler is experiencing more friction than it should be—which probably means that the bearings in the air handler are failing and need replacement. You should have this checked by a professional right away, before the motor overheats and burns out. These are just a few examples of strange AC sounds you might hear.

A Drop in Output

One of the first warning signs that your cooling system is in trouble is a drop in cooling output from the system. Just like the above warning sign, this can manifest in various ways, and have various causes.

Is your AC still blowing air, but it just isn’t cold enough? This could be due to a refrigerant leak depriving the system of its output capacity.

Is the AC system not circulating as much air at all? That could be because of a clogged air filter, or potentially an issue with the air handler.

Regardless of the cause, low output is never a good sign, and not something to be ignored. Be sure to have one of our professionals check your air conditioner out if it’s doing anything unusual.

Short Cycling

If your cooling system is turning on and off every few minutes, you should have it repaired as quickly as possible. This process is called short-cycling, and it dramatically increases the amount of wear and tear that the system suffers.

Short-cycling also lowers the amount of output that the system is capable of generating—and shortens the air conditioner’s lifespan. Ensure that you have your system checked right away if you notice this troubling symptom.

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