Have you Scheduled Your Heating Maintenance Appointment Yet?

undefinedOur temperatures have officially cooled down, and soon enough we’ll be using our heating systems on a regular basis, if you aren’t already utilizing yours daily. As a result, there are some very important Idaho Falls, ID heating services to get on your schedule. One of these is your annual heating maintenance appointment—biannual if you are using a year-round heat pump system!

There are some maintenance tasks you can, and should, handle on your own when it comes to your heater. For example, you should be changing your clogged or dirty air filter every 1-3 months. However, for service that truly impacts the performance and operational quality of your heating system, you need the services of a professionally trained heating technician.

What Heating Maintenance Entails

As we stated above, quality maintenance requires the service of a trained heating professional. Professional heating maintenance involves many tasks, which includes inspecting motors and electrical connections, cleaning coils and lubricating moving parts, and making you aware of any repair needs that require attention. You can rely on our team to provide your heating system with thorough maintenance every year—or as we mentioned before, twice a year if you have a heat pump.

Is It Okay to Skip Maintenance Just Once?

This is a question we hear a lot, and we get it. But, our answer is always going to be “no.” Many homeowners view maintenance as a luxury for HVAC systems, but it’s a necessity. Skipping out on your heating maintenance appointment increases the chance that you’ll find yourself facing cumulative problems throughout your heater’s service life, which will be reduced, too! There are a number of advantages that routine heating maintenance offers, such as:

  • A More Reliable Heater: This is perhaps the biggest advantage there is to routine heating system maintenance, since your heater is far less likely to suffer from major operational issues over the winter, so long as you keep up on heating tune-ups. During this service, our professionals fully inspect your system to find any places that wear and tear could leave you with a premature system breakdown. And as we mentioned above, we’ll also make necessary adjustments and suggestions for repairs. Keeping your heater well-maintained will leave you with confidence as you move into winter.
  • Better Energy Efficiency: Did you know that your heating system starts losing at least 5% of its energy efficiency for each year that maintenance is skipped? The accumulation of wear and tear on your heater creates strain on the components, which is when efficiency drops. When efficiency drops, your heating bills rise. But this can be avoided and your heater can retain about 95% of its efficiency throughout its entire lifespan, with regular maintenance.
  • Increased Lifespan: Speaking of your heater’s lifespan—depending on the model and how well you care for it, most heaters should last a decade, potentially even two. However, without a trained professional performing maintenance, this simply cannot be the case. Routine inspections and checkups help your heating system give you the most bang for your buck, including a great return on investment!

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