It’s Never Too Late to Tune Up Your Air Conditioner!

undefinedThe chances that you’re still using your air conditioner as we progress into fall are pretty slim-to-none. Still, even though you aren’t using it anymore for a few months, that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. This is especially the case if you experienced any problems this past summer with the equipment, or you did not have it tuned up last spring.

The good news is, in the absence of a complete system breakdown, it’s never too late to schedule your Pocatello, ID air conditioning tune-up. Sure, it’s usually more convenient for you to have this service done before the cooling season begins, but it’s better late than never.

The Importance of Annual Maintenance

Maintenance is something that should be scheduled at least once a year, or twice a year if you’re utilizing a two-in-one heat pump system. (Even if that means you aren’t having the service done until fall.) But why?

Your Air Conditioner Works Hard. Okay, so we know that for at least a few months out of the year, temperatures can dip below freezing. But that doesn’t mean our summers are anything to scoff at. Even outside the traditional “summer” season, we’ve been known to have heat waves surprise us. What we’re getting at is this—your air conditioner works hard when its being used, and as such accumulates a lot of wear and tear that must be checked on.

Skipping Maintenance Costs You. Generally speaking, each year that your air conditioning system goes without maintenance, it loses about 5% of its energy efficiency—and this drop off gets steeper over time. You’ll end up paying far more for your air conditioner to run than you should have to.

Maintenance Helps You Avoid Premature System Breakdown. Perhaps the biggest reason for getting a yearly tune-up is to prevent your AC system from suddenly breaking down during a scorching hot day. As we mentioned above, our summer season graces us with plenty of heat, and you want your air conditioner ready to get through it when it hits.

Avoid Unnecessary Repairs. When next summer rolls around, do you really want to spend your intended summer vacation money on repairing your air conditioner? Just a simple precaution of a maintenance session, no matter when you have it done, can take care of about 80% of the repairs your AC system might need ahead of time.

Enroll in Our Maintenance Plan Today

In addition to the benefits of AC maintenance itself, there are a number of advantages to enrolling in a maintenance program with our team. First off, as a maintenance plan member, you’ll receive priority service when you call, regardless of whether it’s a routine service or emergency service.

Additionally, we provide a 10% discount and 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services throughout the year, no emergency service charges, and ongoing safety inspections. You can achieve greater comfort and a peace of mind knowing that your air conditioner will always be ready to do its job!

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