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Are You Treating Your Water Correctly?

adding salt to water softening systemThe average home’s water supply has a significant level of filtration and conditioning it goes through before water reaches your faucets. Or if you use ground water from a private well on your property, you likely have your own water treatment system. But something many homeowners don’t realize is missing from their homes is protection form hard water.

Water softener installation has become increasingly popular, and very helpful for homeowners. Hard water is the result of a high concentration of minerals within the water supply. To be specific, calcium and magnesium. These minerals are completely harmless to ingest, but they do a good deal of damage to your plumbing system over time, leading to corrosion and subsequent leaks. Hard water should be managed before it has the chance to damage your pipes.

But naturally, you’d probably like to know if a water softener installation really is that advantageous. With a water softener you can eliminate:

Soap Scum

This is an irritating problem to have, particularly if you do a good job of keeping your bathroom and kitchen area clean, only to discover the development of more soap scum a few days later. There’s no need to worry though—the presence of soap scum doesn’t mean you’re bad at cleaning.

It most likely means you do, in fact, have hard water. The minerals we mentioned above actually prevent soap from dissolving as easily as it normally would, resulting in that annoying soap scum.

Water Spots

Have you ever noticed water spots appearing on your glassware after you’ve done the dishes? This is another symptom that can occur because of calcium and magnesium in the water supply. Like the minerals, water spots are harmless to you, albeit unattractive looking.

However, the same problem causing these water spots can cause damage to your dishwasher too.

Residue Buildup around Drains and Sinks

This is almost always the sign of a plumbing issue. This buildup outside your faucets and drains exists within your plumbing, too. Slowly, the mineral deposits continue to build up, and restrict the volume within the pipes. Eventually, not only will you have to replace your faucet and drains, but potentially even your pipes.

Dry Feeling after Showering

Have you ever dried off after taking a shower to discover your skin feels raw and even flaky? This can certainly be the cause of hard water. The minerals in hard water can dilute your body wash, causing this irritating symptom.

Worn Out Clothes

Soap scum builds up in your shower when you have hard water, and it does so in your washing machine too. As a result, it prevents your clothes from rinsing off completely, and breaks down these clothes faster. You may be surprised by how much longer you clothes last just by addressing your hard water problem.

As you can see, water softeners eliminate a number of problems you may have been experiencing in your home that you didn’t even know you could resolve.

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