dry patches on lawn

What Do Dry Spots on Your Lawn Mean?

One of the most satisfying feelings as a homeowner is to look out over your freshly-cut, bright green lawn and enjoy the splendor and beauty of your outdoor space. However, brown and dry spots can put a serious dampener on that feeling. Your irrigation system seems to be working properly, so why is one area of your lawn dried out and dying? What can you do to bring it back to life and restore some of its beauty?

While there are certainly plenty of factors which could contribute to your lawn’s overall health, the truth is that your irrigation system may not quite be doing the job right. On this blog, we’ll explain a few things you can do to fix some of these issues with your irrigation system and make sure those dry spots get the water they need.

Adjust Sprinkler Direction

Have you ever noticed that your lawn is dry in certain spots, but the patio, deck, or other outdoor features located nearby are soaking wet? This is a dead giveaway that your sprinklers probably aren’t aimed optimally. The top of your sprinkler head has a small screw that can be twisted to change the direction your nozzle squirts. At your controller, turn that particular sprinkler head’s zone on ad see what direction it’s firing. Then, twist the screw to adjust it and make sure that the dry spot is being properly watered.

But what happens if your sprinkler head doesn’t actually cover the entire area that it needs to? There’s a solution for that too: replace the sprinkler head with one that sprays a wider pattern. The opposite is the same as well: if you have a sprinkler head which covers too wide of a space (sprays your lawn, plus your flower beds, patio, deck, and more), then installing a sprinkler head with a narrower area prevents this problem and helps you save water.

Replace Clogged Sprinkler Heads

One of the problems you could be having is that your sprinkler head itself could have become clogged. If you have hard water, limescale residue could build up on your sprinkler head over time, especially with continual exposure to the elements outside. Likewise, dirt and grime could also build up in the nozzle itself. If it seems as though one sprinkler head is weak, then replacing it may resolve your water flow problem and make sure your entire lawn looks beautiful again.

Conversely, a low-pressure sprinkler head could also indicate the presence of a cracked or leaking irrigation line beneath your grass. While it can be difficult to tell at first, the presence of a puddle of an unexplained puddle elsewhere on your lawn, or a spot that seems as though it is always wet is a tell-tale sign that water is leaking out underground. If this is the case, you should contact an Idaho Falls plumber with experience in irrigation systems to diagnose the issue precisely.

Water Dry Areas More

If we apply Occam’s razor to the situation (the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one), then you may not actually have a problem with your irrigation system at all. You just might not be running it enough for that particular area. An area that receives direct sunlight almost constantly every single day is going to dry out far faster than areas which receive limited sunlight and heat which cause water to evaporate. So, naturally, you’re going to have to water this area more often.

In addition to more water, however, you may want to also change how you water. Watering these areas at night is often better because reduced sunlight and heat means water is less likely to evaporate from heat and sunlight. This gives the soil a much greater chance of absorbing the moisture so your lawn can take advantage of it later.

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