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How Does A Zone Controlled HVAC System Work?

Ever wish it could be one temperature in the bedroom and another temperature in the bathroom? How about one temperature in the kitchen and another temperature in the living room? With a zone controlled hvac system, that wish can instantly become a reality. Let’s face it — not everyone in the family will be happy with the setting on one single thermostat, so why not allow for greater customization and increased comfort?

How Does a Zone Controlled System Work?

You’re probably wondering how it’s possible to have different rooms of the house read different temperatures on the thermostat, and no, we’re not talking about different temperatures as a result of a window being open or a notoriously drafty section of the house.

In fact, with a zoned system, you can theoretically set every single room or area of the house to a different temperature to make each member of your family happy! So, how does it work?

Motorized dampers are the keys to zone controlled hvac systems. They are installed into the supply side of the ductwork and are wired to a central control board. There are different thermostats installed for each zone and thermostat sends messages to the control board to open or close the dampers as needed. Pretty neat, right?

With a zone controlled system, you can set each thermostat to the same temperature (so that all of the dampers are open or closed at the same time), or you can set them each to a different temperature (so that some may be open while others are closed). The result? Maximum customized comfort throughout the entire house!

What Are Some Benefits of Zone Control?

For starters, this type of hvac system will provide you with better energy efficiency. You’re able to use only the heating or cooling you need which means your system will operate less and therefore, use less energy.

We mentioned more personalized comfort above, and this is certainly another benefit of a zone controlled hvac system. Zones can be single rooms, a group of rooms or an entire floor of the house and once they are established, you can control each zone individually.

But let’s get back to the actual equipment for a moment… another benefit of this type of system is less wear and tear. With your system running a bit less frequently, it will incur less wear and tear. That means less system breakdowns and less in repair costs which could end up saving you a small fortune.

Starting to think a zone controlled system just might be the solution you’re looking for? It’s time to “get in the zone” and my dad can help you do just that! Just think, you may never need to deal with a son complaining he’s sweating, a daughter constantly saying she’s cold, or a mother- or father-in-law accusing you of not wanting to turn up the heat. With a zone controlled system, you can please everyone in the house all at the same time — well, we hope so at least!

Just remember, without expert installation and service, your zone control system may not be able to offer you its benefits, and this is where the experts at Advanced Home Services come in. We can help you determine what your zones should be, install the system and thermostats, and show you exactly how to operate the system for maximum benefit. If you already have a zone control system, but need assistance with repair, replacement or maintenance, we can help with that, too. Simply give us a call at (208) 269-9556 or contact us online today.