Plumber changing fixtures on a bathroom sink.

5 Gadgets That Will Make Your Bathroom Smarter

Let’s trick out your bathroom with the latest tech! Here are 5 innovative plumbing products that will turn your humble water closet into a cutting-edge comfort station.

Programmable Shower

Imagine: no more fussing shower valves to get the temperature just right. A touchscreen in your shower allows you to adjust not only water temperature but showerhead settings, lighting and the volume on your audio device all with a convenient digital interface. Plus, you can save your settings, so it’s exactly how you want it every time.

Bluetooth Showerhead

Let the music wash over you -- literally. A showerhead equipped with Bluetooth delivers beats as well as strong, steamy jets of water. Jam out and scrub up!

Smart Toilet

Upgrade your old analog commode with a smart toilet! These models make potty time more sanitary with features such as touchless flushing and automatic closing to keep a lid on airborne bacteria. They use as little as 0.6 gallons per flush—good for the environment, good for your wallet—and overflow protection will prevent unfortunate messes.

Wireless Pressure Sensors

High water pressure can rattle pipes, cause alarming noises and even damage your plumbing. These little gems will alert you to extreme fluctuations in your water lines, so you can get a plumber there to fix it before it turns into a big issue.

Water Detectors

It’s the leaks that aren’t immediately obvious that do the most damage. Leak detection devices can either be hardwired into your plumbing system or plugged wirelessly. Either way, you’ll receive alerts when unwanted water is detected so your plumber can remedy the situation.

With these plumbing improvements, you can dramatically reduce water consumption and increase the convenience and enjoyment of your bathroom. For professional installation of any of these products, contact Advanced Home Services at (208) 269-9556.