It’s Barbecue Season: Here’s How to Save Your Drains

Summer is well underway and you’ve likely made plans for several backyard barbecues. Before you send out the invites, it’s best to make sure that you set some ground rules to protect your plumbing system against clogged drains. Here are some barbecue staples that you should never put down the drain or run through your kitchen’s garbage disposal.

Corn On the Cob

There’s nothing like fresh corn to ring in barbecue season. Whether you eat it straight from the cob or use the kernels to make a delicious corn salsa, this vegetable is as versatile as it is flavorful. However, your garbage disposal is sure to take a beating if you attempt to place soggy pieces of corn cobs into it. The hard pieces of cob can do damage to garbage disposal blades. By the way, placing the corn husks into your garbage disposal is also a mistake you should strive to avoid. Instead, put cobs and corn husks into a compost bin for a more fertile garden.

Greasy Meats

Meats such as chicken and beef contain animal fats that harden when they cool down. When these fats are regularly put down drains, they can create clogs. This makes them ideal candidates for the trash bin instead of your garbage disposal and plumbing system.


A cool pasta salad is always popular at backyard barbecues. Although your kitchen’s garbage disposal can easily make quick work of grinding up soft pieces of pasta, the shells have a tendency to swell when continuously exposed to water. In large quantities, pasta shells can swell up and cause clogged drains. Throw leftover pasta and scraps into a designated trash bin instead.


Bottom line: For a fun-filled summer with family and friends, nothing beats a backyard barbecue. Keeping your plumbing system working optimally ensures that the good times can go on indefinitely. Worried that your plumbing system isn’t up to the challenge of a busy summer social schedule? Contact Advanced Home Services for our drain cleaning services. To schedule your appointment, call (208) 269-9556.