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Why Do I Have Wet Spots on My Lawn?

Sprinkler System, Plumbing

If you have a sprinkler system, it’s important to pay very close attention to your lawn. Not only is your sprinkler system responsible for keeping your lawn watered and healthy, but it can also cause a number of problems which could in turn threaten your lawn, or even threaten your entire property as a result. By paying close attention to your lawn, you may be able to spot some of the signs that you may have a problem and act quickly to get it fixed.

One of the signs that’s often overlooked is an unexplained wet spot on your lawn. It’s easy to see why this is often overlooked: you frequently water your lawn to keep it healthy, and its very nature encourages it to be at least somewhat damp or moist at all times. Why shouldn’t there be a wet spot or two on your lawn? What if one spot in particular just doesn’t dry as fast as the rest of your lawn? These are all valid concerns, and they’re what make detecting a problematic wet spot on your lawn extremely difficult—it’s hard to tell if something is wrong, or your lawn is acting completely normal.

Should You Be Concerned About a Wet Spot in Your Yard?

When should you actually start being concerned about a wet spot on your lawn? As we said before, wet spots can occur from a number of different things, and many of them have nothing to do with a problem in your sprinkler system. Here are a few things that make a wet spot different.

Located Near an Edge
In many cases, wet spots near the edge of your lawn are pretty normal. This is usually close to a sprinkler head, or where water and moisture that land on your patio, deck, bricks, or other yard areas may drain off into your lawn. However, if you have sprinkler heads near the edge of your lawn (as many people do) then you more than likely also have sprinkler lines running there as well. A leak in that water line would prevent the grass in that area from drying out, and thus lead to a wet spot that you wouldn’t be able to explain easily.

Surrounded by Dry Grass
A big indication of a potential problem in your lawn is a wet spot that’s surrounded by otherwise dry and normal grass. What this usually indicates is that there’s a source of water located underground that you can’t see which is preventing this spot on your lawn from drying out, just like the rest of your lawn normally would. If your lawn is large and you have sprinkler heads located in the middle of your lawn, then this is a pretty sure-fire sign that you have a leak in one of your lines. This is also a great way to determine where the leak might be, especially if you know where that particular plumbing line is run.

Constantly Wet, Even in Direct Sunlight
There’s something else you need to consider—wet grass in a shady area is going to take longer to dry out simply because the air is cooler, and it may also be more sheltered from moving air and wind. However, if you have an area of your lawn that’s in direct sunlight and heat most of the day, and yet bucks the trend of drying out quickly or stays wet constantly, then you’ve more than likely got a leak in your sprinkler lines. This means that the water in your lines is being replenished from somewhere, and thus means you have a leak to be worried about.

Keep an Eye on Your Water Bills

If you have a wet spot that may be concerning, take a look at your recent water bills. If you notice a sudden increase in how much you’re paying every month for water, despite your water usage habits remaining the same, then there’s a good chance that you’re looking at a leak in your sprinkler system. A leak detection test from a qualified Idaho Falls plumber can also tell you whether or not your home has a leak, and they can even work with you to pinpoint where it might be.

How to Fix a Sprinkler Line Leak

Unfortunately, a leak in your sprinkler line can be a real hassle because there really isn’t a good way to fix it that doesn’t involve digging down and excavating the line. In many cases, small leaks can be sealed off, but in others you may have to replace a section of pipe completely, and that means digging a pretty considerable hole in your property. In some cases, detecting a leak early can keep a repair simple and manageable, but waiting for too long can result in more expensive repairs being necessary.

If you suspect you have an issue in your sprinkler system, trust the experts at Advanced Home Services! Call us at 208-745-9406 to schedule your service appointment.

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